Highlights of 2021

These holidays are times to reflect on what we have achieved throughout the year. Today I will also give you my thoughts about how we can continue towards making this blog sustainable. Merry Christmas, and thank you for being a reader of my humble contributions.

Yeray Lopez
Yeray Lopez

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It´s been already one year since I began MoonLeaks, and I wanted to thank you all for being there. In researching and writing my entries, I have found a level of joy that was unexpected and greatly welcomed. However, I also have understood how demanding and time-consuming this activity is. So I thought it would be good to reflect a bit on where we are.

Today MoonLeaks has 1.573 subscribers, from which 50 decided to become paying members of the platform. Many of them even signed up for an annual subscription. I hope that every single one of you gets my appreciation. I recognize that some of you have come along since I launched the documentary Yo Galgo. Once again, you fuel me to keep going, and no one can take that away!

I can only interpret the fact that 1523 people decided not to go paid so far in three ways:

1 - I’m not generating the value they perceive is worth spending 2,5€ a month, with the yearly subscription, or...
2 - That you happy with having access only to public articles.
3 - That I never really explained the need for making this blog sustainable, so I can do more with it.

That is why I would really love to get feedback on this, so feel free to DM me at yeray@skinnydogfilms.com.

Christmas special offer

Also, in the spirit of X-mas, we’re making a 20% sale of the annual subscription, where you can get it for 24€/yr, that’s 2€ per month. To take advantage of this offer, just click this link or hit the button below.

The offer expires on January 10, 2022.


We have published 43 entries so far, but there is a lot more planned for 2022. We will have tutorials about drawing animals, the launch of a sustainable clothing brand for dogs, and the research on harmful materials in our everyday lives, among other topics. Let me bring back some of the highlights of the year 2021.

Speaker at EU Parliament

I was invited to speak with Members of the European Parliament about the hunting dogs of Spain. We also researched and co-authored an open letter sent to the Spanish Government with an analysis of the situation, and suggestions to improve it. See our presentation here, and the follow up.

Listen to the resulting open letter
Open letter from the EU Parliement on Spanish hunting dogs
Carta abierta del Parlamento Europeo sobre perros de caza

The new animal welfare law in Spain

I was very happy to find some of the points that we researched for the leter mentioned above in the draft of a very progressive, modern, and optimistic new animal law in Spain. Read the full article here.

Antibiotic resistance and existential risks

Imagine that our antibiotics stopped working, or that your life could be threatened, as it was in the middle ages, by a simple infection. This is not science fiction; it can happen and you can read a little bit more about it here.

My tips about crowdfunding

If you ever wonder about crowdfunding, this article is meant to help you understand what you need to have in place before launching a fundraising campaign.

A series of podcasts

Welcome to our series of podcasts about rescued dogs, animal welfare, dog photography, and the like. Here I bring you the first chapter of the series.

The project that kickstarted all of this

Making my first documentary, for which I was the producer, the camera operator, the editor, or for which I even launched a record label, changed my life. Here you have a few of the steps that brought me here. I hope to see you in 2022. Merry X-mas.



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