Yo Galgo is an award winning documentary film about an invisible genocide taking place while the authorities look the other way. It’s an exposé of the sharp divide between animal rights and the traditions of a nation.

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We decided to make our documentary available to the public without pay until the Spanish Government presents to vote for the amendment to their animal welfare law to remove the protection that hunting dogs deserve. We want to inform you about how much these dogs suffer an do our bit to prevent that.

Share our film Yo Galgo to help people understand the cruelty and constant abuse galgos suffer in Spain. Join the campaign #MismosPerrosMismaLey.

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Yo Galgo is the journey of filmmaker Yeray Lopez, who sets out to investigate the plight of the galgo in Spain, after his own galgo helped him get through a heavy depression. The investigation takes Yeray to the breeders, who use the dogs for hare coursing, and deep into the hunting world where galgos are mass bred in hopes of finding a champion. The film explores the passion for competing, breeding, and hunting with Galgos and the consequences such unregulated practices have for thousands of dogs every year. Yo Galgo sheds a light on the cruel, inhumane practices of modern-day hunters who have reduced an entire dog breed to a short-lived commodity. The film also explores the relentless work of organizations striving to help the ever-growing population of abandoned dogs.


Awarded OUTSTANDING INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM at the Genesis Awards 2018, by The Humane Society.

Nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for ‘Best Original Song – Documentary.

A story never told

Once raised only by Spanish noble families, the Galgo has had a remarkable fall from grace, yet their story is relatively unknown worldwide. Even in Spain, their plight is often unheard of or, worse, ignored.

The unregulated and mass-scale breeding, the cruelty associated with breed selection, and the opaque use of public land used for hunting made it hard for an outsider to access the world of Galgo hunting. However, with the help of his Galgo Bacalao, the director and cameraman Yeray López Portillo was able to enter, and be accepted within the hunting circles in rural Spain to reveal previously unheard stories and testimonies. The film takes an in-depth look at the hunter’s perspective and the people fighting to end Galgo hunting.


From the beginning, we understood that this film could and should become an international piece, but we did not expect so much interest when we started opening up the project to the public.

To increase the impact of the documentary once finished, we decided to create digital meeting points in which to share opinions and network. We started on Instagram and Facebook, which soon took off with tens of thousands of friends.

In collaboration with the NGO World Animal Protection Netherlands, and our friends from our social platforms, we collected more than 100.000 signatures demanding the Spanish Government to ban hunting with galgos. Yo Galgo has been contacted by European parliamentarians, both in Spain and in Germany, as well as lobbyists in The Hague, in an attempt to bring this issue to the European chamber. Yo Galgo collaborated with the NGO “No a la Caza con Galgo y otras Razas” to coordinate and promote demonstrations in favor of protecting the galgo in 31 Spanish cities, and another ten around the world.

Long story short, we are very grateful for all the awareness that we are contributing to raising about the plight of these dogs.

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Film title: YO GALGO
Genre: Documentary
Length: 70 minutes
Original Soundtrack

Produced by Skinny Dog Films ApS
Written, directed, and edited by Yeray López Portillo
Original music by Arturo Cardelús
Sound designer and Foley artist Pablo Áset

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Yo Galgo was produced in collaboration with literally thousands of people who crowdfunded with us, shared our project, and participated with their talents so this story could see the light of day. I will be eternally thankful to all of them. They showed me that films like this one, having the animal and nature front and centered, are possible.

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Yeray López – Director

#FreeTheGalgo 2021

What if you had the power to change the world with a single image? This year, Monday the 1st of February, was 'World Galgo Day'. This date also marks the end of the Spanish hunting season every year. If you don't know what that means, please watch our trailer below.

Please lend your voice to help raise awareness of the suffering of thousands of galgos by posting a picture of your pet (or yourself) alongside a sign that reads #FreeTheGalgo.

If you don't have a pet, or the possibility of creating an image for #freethegalgo campaign, here we have prepared more than twenty images that you can use. They are yours.

Collaboration with Mini Rodini

We are thrilled to be part of bringing the story of the galgos to the younger generations (and their parents!) in collaboration with Mini Rodini. With their new collection “Save the Galgo”, 20% of the price of each item sold will be donated to the rescue organization Galgos del Sol in Spain.

Understanding why it’s necessary to save the Galgo and reach new audiences, that otherwise would not know about it, is key. That’s why MoonLeaks collaborates with different groups, from different fields, to bring stories to the public.

Watch it, share it, and help raise awareness! The galgos need us!

Education, awareness, and creative collaborations to fight the abuses being committed to animals, are key parts of our concept.

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Nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards

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