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Few documentary series capture so well the beauty of nature like this one, while putting the threats facing it front and center. I marble at it, but I also wonder: Can these films really change us?

Yeray Lopez Portillo
Yeray Lopez Portillo
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Do films change beliefs and attitudes?

I believe in the power of films changing our behaviour. I felt it in my own flesh when one documentary changed my eating habits from one day to the next. Cowspiracy was the final push for me to stop eating meat, then came others to leave their mark, and I hope that watching Our Planet help us value the world we are living in. Earth might need more help now than ever.

Today, I would like to bring what I consider a masterpiece, where the effort of 600 crew members over four years, and 50 countries, made an eight-part series documentary of astounding beauty called Our Planet. To top it all, our very own David Attenborough brings his voice to the mix.

But as it is almost always the case in these kinds of works, we seldom see the impacts of people on the natural world. In fact, humans are rarely shown and Nature seems abundant in almost every shot. I wonder if one might have the impression that what there is in front of us, is the state of our planet and not a carefully chosen set of parts.

I understand that audiences will not choose sorrow to watch, that hope is needed to taking action and connect emotionally with the subject, and that producers need a return on their investments. But are nature filmmakers being disingenuous, partial, or misleading?

I don't think so, although I miss a bit of more coverage of the consecuences of our cations in these kind of documentaries.

ONE Planet

What I see in OUR PLANET is an honest effort to transform the awe we feel watching it, into specific actions. The creators of this series don´t wait for a final chapter where to give you the hard facts, reflections, turns, downs, and ifs. They insist, in each episode, on the ability of the individual to have an impact. We can make a difference, and there is a ton of materials they prepared for helping us understand the bigger picture. Check them out, they are to be used by schools, and everybody else, so we act on the many things that we can do. Enjoy the ride!

Frozen Worlds

In this episode: On the unforgiving frontier of climate change, polar bears, walruses, seals and penguins find their icy Edens in peril.


In this episode:  Jungles and rainforests are home to an incredible variety of species like preening birds, intelligent orangutans and remarkably ambitious ants.

Coastal Seas

In this episode:  From fearsome sharks to lowly urchins, 90 percent of marine creatures live in coastal waters. Protecting these habitats is a battle humanity must win.

From Deserts to Grasslands

In this episode:  Cameras follow desert elephants seeking sustenance, bison roaming North American grasslands and caterpillars living the good life underground.

High Seas

In this episode:  Venture into the deep, dark and desolate oceans that are home to an abundance of beautiful -- and downright strange -- creatures.

Fresh Water

In this episode:  The need for fresh water is as strong as ever. However, the supply is becoming increasingly unpredictable for all manner of species.


In this episode:  Examine the fragile interdependence that exists between forests' wide variety of residents, including bald eagles, hunting dogs and Siberian tigers.

I encourage you to also watch the behind the scenes videos of the amazing work, and grit, and talent, and courage, of the team behind this production. Thank you so much for giving us your example!

I hope this was useful to you and that you carry on with your idea. If my work has enlarged and enriched you in any way, please consider helping this platform by becoming a member. Your support makes all the difference.

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