Bite-sized Chunks of Science

The ABC for Sustainability

Yeray Lopez Portillo
Yeray Lopez Portillo
Takes 2 minutes

Our first hashtag, the #ABCforSustainability

Bits of science and design

The idea is to build a visual index of short definitions, topics, solutions and subjects, around sustainability paired with a big letter. Each pair, text and letter, which can be downloaded shared and used, is created in collaboration with a graphic designer and a writer, researcher, poet, etc.

Here you have the first two letters by graphic designer and art director Kristian Rasmussen and Yeray Lopez.

A - Air

Air is a mixture of different gases, it contains 78 percent of nitrogen, 21 percent of oxygen, and around one percent of other stuff depending on where you are. The balance of these proportions is crucial for the well being of all life on our planet. But how often do we forget about the importance the air around us? Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in...

Air is Earth's Comfort Blanket. Without air, we wouldn't be here; average temperatures would plummet to below freezing in a moment, while X-rays, cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiation, and other particles that constantly bombard our planet would fry us. Not a nice picture, eh? So, let’s learn about air and take care of it.

Please let your kids dig deeper into the atmospheric wonders with NASA’s games at, or look for a more profound assessment on air quality in the various guides at

B - Bees

Bees are the world’s most important pollinators, and they are dying!

A study done at the University of Göttingen concluded in 2007 that, among our most used crops, 87 of them worldwide employ animal pollinators, compared to only 28 that can survive without such assistance. Those scary numbers put in danger the entirety of our food systems, as well as our survival and that of thousands of species living on the plants that bees pollinate.

Here few tips that can help the bees:

  • Plant bee-friendly flowers wherever you can.
  • Say No to Pesticides and Herbicides.
  • Shop Responsibly supporting local growers.
  • Leave a dish of water out for bees to drink from.
  • Consider building yourself a bee hotel (more on that in future posts).
  • Support initiatives that introduce bees in your cities.

If you have an idea for a letter, and want to collaborate to the #ABCforSustainability, please reach out.

Download letter A
Download letter B

Chek out C and D!

Share, subscribe and keep it up for the animals.



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