Your child on plants! What do you do when your 3,5-year-old tells you that she won’t eat animals?

Food remains not only one of the best remedies for our health, it also promotes animal welfare and reduces our impact on the climate. But becoming a vegetarian or a vegan and remaining healthy is more than just stopping eating animals.

Yeray Lopez
Yeray Lopez

Some of you already know my struggles with depression and sleep. To understand a bit better how to alleviate those pains I keep on learning new stuff, some of which I would like to share with you today.

Isolated broccoli on white background
Big up to all veggies!

Most of us would recognize now that a global shift towards plant-based diets is crucial for preventing climate breakdown and guaranteeing a more just world. But becoming vegetarian or vegan demands from us a little bit of studying. Processed vegan and vegetarian products will not give us what we need. Now I am partly responsible for the nutritional intake of two children and must step up my game in the kitchen.

In the words of Dr. Małgorzata Desmond (UCL and the Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw)

We were initially surprised by the poor cardiovascular health profile of the vegetarian children, but their dietary data showed that they were eating a relatively processed type of plant-based diet, with less healthy levels of fiber and sugars compared to the vegans. So, we are learning that just eating plant-based diets is no guarantee of health, we still need to select healthy foods.

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