Some of the best animated stories on animals

Some of the best-animated short films about being an animal. I hope you enjoy them.

Yeray Lopez Portillo
Yeray Lopez Portillo
Only a minute
Dear Joy

The heartwarming film tells the tale in a way only animation can, with engaging characters and stunning scenery, simple but epic, this is a story about how our animals care for us.


Animals is an absurdist contemporary short film about the transformation of nine people stuck in a moving metro. What seems to be a normal day quickly takes a strange turn, when the metro doors refuse to open. The passengers’ failed attempts to get out, descend into frustrated chaos. Losing all sense of rationality, they go wild in order to ensure their own survival (humans as usual).

Acting against nature

Biotop is a reflection of man acting against nature. Is it the tree which does not allow us to see the forest? Or is it us, who do not see the forest and the richness of its contents. I believe this is a very metaphorical and beautiful way to make us think about how our acts unpin the fabric that sustain us.

The creatures we produce

Without this being an animated short, I wanted to bring it as a succinct and brilliant take on plastics in the oceans.

Seeing the others

Stop motion has definitely some magic about it. This story is about caring and friendship. Just watch it, it's beautiful.

What if?

This can be one of the paths we choose to take. Let's avoid it.

Films have always inspired change and action, they can an impact far greater than first imagined, specially within ourselves, then politics will follow.

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Yeray Lopez Portillo

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