What is the Creative Response? Activate it and influence others

Allow yourself time and space to think about how we tend to look at things. Are we really paying attention? And what kind of attention?

Yeray Lopez
Yeray Lopez
Follow your intuition - The number one tool

Although I believe that daydreaming is a fruitful source of inspiration, having a creative task at hand, or being learning one, has always had the power to center and connect people. Today I write about the "creative response", and what changes within us when we allow ourselves to do something creative.

Many people complain that they aren’t ‘creative’, some get annoyed by what they perceive as a lack of rigor, taste, or originality while missing the point that being creative does not equal being an artist. The creative pond from which we “fish ideas”, as David Lynch would put it, is the same we use for business, hobbies, and life, and you have it. So here we are, hoping to help you get ideas from it, be creative, whatever your craft is.

Here at Moonleaks we'll start diving into filmmaking, photography, and storytelling soon (we are preparing some really nice online classes for you to learn, and get out in nature with your new skills). We will share whatever we consider helpful to communicate the importance of fighting for nature creatively, and help you get more ideas. Yes, ideas and awareness are our tools.

... I Love the analogy of "catching ideas" as if they were fish. They are out there, we just need to allow them to enter our consciousness, and get to know them. I equate catching ideas with fishing, where you require patience and abate, which is the desire to catch them. You don't see the fish (the idea) at first, as it is underwater, but then you catch it and fall in love with it. Now you see the fish as a whole, now you have something. Write that idea down, as it will attract other ideas, other fish from that school of fish, a beginning of a script (or a creative project).

David Lynch

I guess the most important take for me, from what I hear him say, is to be aware of what occurs in our minds. Drop the fear of that seminal idea not being good enough, or full enough, and give it a chance to aggregate with others. Drop self-criticism and create a body of ideas big enough to call it a project. The bad ideas will drop out with time and scrutiny, that’s part of the process. The change that happens within us while doing it, that state of alertness, we call “the creative response”.

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