#3 Podcast - Pet photography with Travis Patenaude

In this conversation with the photographer Travis Patenaude, we talk about how to use pictures to advocate for the causes important to you, the impact of visual imagery, how to work with dogs, and the importance of having a point of view when photography.

Yeray Lopez Portillo
Yeray Lopez Portillo
Takes 2 minutes

I met Travis while I was shooting a documentary about something that already interested him, the galgo and how these dogs are treated in Spain. From the beginning, we engaged in conversations about how to bring this cause, quite unknown outside Spain, to the global arena. He took me to the US to talk about my film and meet a dog-loving community that wants to take action towards improving the well-being of an animal that I care about a great deal. For that, for all his inspiration, hard work, and willingness to help others, I will always be grateful.

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The images

On each audio Travis describes the images below, their title, their reason to be, and various techniques that will allow people to take better pictures of their pets (click on the audio for each image).

Shooting at feet hight

Learn about the image


The transformation of Calinda - Hear about it in the audio below the image.

Learn about the image

The hunter and the hunted

Learn about the image

Dos hermanas

Learn about the image

Losing the dog´s identity

Learn about the image

Saying goodbye

Learn about the image

Love heals all wounds

Learn about the image

Dogs in depression

Learn about the image

To see more of what Travis is doing visit stinkeyephotography.com

Visit his Instagram here.

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