Nuclear armageddon and human presence in the world

How will we face the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity, and other crucial matters, with today's governments populated by madmen and selfish interests?

Yeray Lopez
Yeray Lopez

It is so sad what is happening now—another pointless war where the ambitions of a madman break the world. I never thought that we would be facing something like this in Europe, and I must say that it brings the darkest memories to mind. The invasion of Ukraine makes me hopeless about any political climate action happening now. Something like this makes most other conversations, like those about species being extinct or the future of humanity, disappear. My thoughts go to all who suffer. I hope that the war ends soon and we begin fixing the significant challenges facing our dear planet.

How to rethink the concept of the territory

Already in the past decade, scientists argued that we must keep 30% of all land in a natural state to protect Earth. Now the claim is that humans should give back half of all lands to Nature. This is a bold idea, but a needed one, and various rewilding projects have shown that Nature can self-manage itself just fine. But here we are bombing each other without reason, activating nuclear arsenals, and arming countries to the teeth as trust disappears. What kind of world will we have after this?

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