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MoonLeaks will be open from now on! There is something we must do together. We must stop the Spanish Government from taking all hunting and working dogs out of the animal welfare law.

Yeray Lopez
Yeray Lopez

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All we need is love!

A few weeks ago, I announced that Moonleaks would stop publishing.

Since that newsletter, I have received so many messages of encouragement, love, and support that I decided to carry on with MoonLeaks and open all future publications to everyone. Your words deeply move me and show me that, perhaps, there is something that I am doing right here, and that we all deserve the opportunity to grow even stronger together.

That is why I decided to develop the platform even further, with new features like comments on blog posts or calls to action. So I will continue with Moonleaks, hoping to spark debates and exchanges to help animals in need.

From now on, I will publish the content for everyone without a paid wall. The subscription model will remain open for those who want to support me. To those loyal friends, thank you very much. You are awesome! Those who wish to unsubscribe from payments can do so from their "profile," still get all updates, and join the conversations. Commenting is only available once logged in. So make sure to remain subscribed to the newsletter and have a profile to log into.

The urgent

The most urgent thing for us now is to stop the Spanish Government from taking out all hunting and working dogs from the new animal welfare law. But, unfortunately, that means that thousands of dogs will remain unprotected from the abuses of their trade.

To spread the awareness needed to save the working and hunting dogs of Spain, we need your help. Check our late article to know some of the possibilities of acting on the matter and share this story.

Watch and share our documentary

We decided to make our documentary available to the public without pay until the end of October. Then the Spanish Government will present to vote for the amendment to their law and remove the protection that hunting dogs deserve.

Share our film Yo Galgo to help people understand the cruelty and constant abuse galgos suffer in Spain. Join the campaign #MismosPerrosMismaLey.

Watch Yo Galgo for free until the end of October!

Subtitles are available in eleven languages; choose yours by pressing the CC button on the corner. The film is recommended by the Spanish Ministry of culture for audiences above 13 years of age.


Yo Galgo is the journey of filmmaker Yeray Lopez, who sets out to investigate the plight of the galgos in Spain, after his own galgo helped him get through a heavy depression. The investigation takes Yeray to the breeders, who use the dogs for hare coursing, and deep into the hunting world where galgos are mass bred in hopes of finding a champion. The film explores the passion for competing, breeding, and hunting with Galgos and the consequences such unregulated practices have for thousands of dogs yearly. Yo Galgo sheds a light on the cruel, inhumane practices of modern-day hunters who have reduced an entire dog breed to a short-lived commodity. The film also explores the relentless work of organizations striving to help the ever-growing population of abandoned dogs.



Nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for ‘Best Original Song – Documentary.’

In Spanish

Tras recibir multitud de mensajes y apoyo tras comunicar que MoonLeaks dejaría de existir, he decidido mantenerlo, desarrollar la plataforma con nuevas funciones, como los comentarios en los posts, y hacer las publicaciones a partir de ahora públicas.

Creo que es un lugar de reunión y acción que ha demostrado ser eficaz, inclusivo, y muy activo en momentos de necesidad. Bien, pues este es uno de ellos. Hay que parar al gobierno español en sus ánimos de satisfacer a la minoría cazadora y desproteger a los perros de caza y de trabajo. Para ello y concienciar del drama que sufren los perros de caza, nuestro documental Yo Galgo estará en abierto hasta finales del mes de Octubre, cuando el PSOE votará su enmienda a la ley. Aún tenemos tiempo de parar esta locura! #MismosPerrosMismaLey.

Thanks for being here!
I appreciate your support immensely. I hope you found this post useful.

See you soon!


Learn more about Yo Galgo here

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Today is the last day to present objections to a law that will redefine hunting as a cultural asset in Spain, and change the protection of wildlife forever.

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