#6 Podcast - Galgos as therapy dogs with Sherry Mangold

Today's podcast shows us the power of animal companionship, and the possibilities that working with dogs bring to modern medicine.

Yeray Lopez
Yeray Lopez
On medicine

On this podcast, we talk about how difficult it was for Sherry Mangold to introduce animal therapists into hospitals, and how once they began working with the results were incredible. There is a section of the conversation where we talk about her work in prisons with inmates.

We also touched upon Sherry´s work helping create a special king of court in New Mexico, that deals with cases in which animals are involved. It is important to have judges that understand the law when it refers to animals, so these crimes are judged according to regulations that are not known by everyone.

We also talk a bit about the greyhound situation in the US, the betting houses, and her activist work towards closing down the greyhound racing industry.

I had a truly inspirational conversation. I hope that you like it.

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